In July 1st 2014 GreyDECO was created based on our passion for concrete. Honouring the honesty of the materials we work with, and staying true to their nature using concrete as a basis for our designs, we create timeless pieces of design specializing in custom work and unique designs of concrete products for interior design and landscaping. Our family tradition in this field, goes back since 1972 when my father and mentor Nick Grivas founded our first company Mesogiaki S.A. specializing in cement products.
GD oldPhotoAfter spending a lot of time beside my father, i learned and loved everything about cement, how to work with it and lerned to respect the materials. 


After all these years i have decided to use my knowledge and creativity to enter the world of Decor, by designing and producing unique items of cement.... thus came the idea of GreyDECO. Nowadays our highly qualified staff, sophisticated equipment and passion for this trade, enables us to design and create these unique deco items of cement and " dream has now become my dream job".